art fair

Satellite Miami

Two of my moving image works will be a part of Doppelgänger Projects' presentation 'Invocations' at Satellite Miami:

Satellite Miami Art Fair
The Parisian Hotel
1510 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

December 1 - December 4, 2016

Featured Artists: Janine Biunno, Ida Gavois, Alison Nguyen, Laura Splan, and Cave Collective

An inherent essence of the human race is its capability to communicate and create new methods for translating ideas and experiences. In turn, as a species, our communication patterns evolve and develop. We are now host to over 6000 spoken languages and numerous written forms. With the onset of coding, SMS, emoji, gifs, and stickers in the digital age, we have now constructed an era of Neo-Hieroglyphics.

Invocations delves into the deconstruction of forms and movement to cultivate new meaning and space. Does the refinement of geometric systems forge a different kind of understanding? Does the formulation of contemporary rituals, binding technology and basic primal urges, summon new dialects to comprehend?