Dessert - Disaster  - EXCERPT
HD video, double-channel installation or single-channel screening, color, sound
1 minute excerpt of 3 minutes 54 seconds, 2017-2018

A found footage work which compares the parallel cinematic language of dessert commercials with that of ‘disaster porn’ found in the news and on the Internet. The sound, pulled from pedestrian-produced videos of demolitions, disasters, and storms, expresses the conditions of the contemporary crowd; its insatiable appetite for destruction and arousal; its inattention, its inability to look away; its anxiety and its ecstasy.



Selected Screenings and Exhibitions:
Ann Arbor Film Festival (2018)
True/False Festival (2018)
San Diego Underground Film Festival (2018)
Unseen Film Festival (2018)
L’Alternativa - Barcelona Independent Film Festival (2018)
Marfa Film Festival (2018)
The University of Oklahoma (2018)
Traverse Video (2018)
Zumzeig Cine, "The Uncertain Archive" (2018)
Microscope Gallery, "Alison Nguyen / Monica Saviron" (2017)
Outpost Artists Resources , "Distributed Presence" (2017)
Transient Visions of the Moving Image (2017)