Dessert - Disaster  - EXCERPT
HD video, double-channel installation or single-channel screening, color, sound
1 minute excerpt of 3 minutes 54 seconds, 2017-2018

A found footage work which compares the parallel cinematic language of dessert commercials with that of ‘disaster porn’ found in the news and on the Internet. The sound, pulled from pedestrian-produced videos of demolitions, disasters, and storms, expresses the conditions of the contemporary crowd; its insatiable appetite for destruction and arousal; its inattention, its inability to look away; its anxiety and its ecstasy.



Selected Screenings and Exhibitions:
Ann Arbor Film Festival (2018)
True/False Festival (2018)
San Diego Underground Film Festival (2018)
Unseen Film Festival (2018)
L’Alternativa - Barcelona Independent Film Festival (2018)
Kiev International Film Festival (2019)
Marfa Film Festival (2018)
The University of Oklahoma (2018)
Traverse Video (2018)
Zumzeig Cine, "The Uncertain Archive" (2018)
Microscope Gallery, "Alison Nguyen / Monica Saviron" (2017)
Outpost Artists Resources , "Distributed Presence" (2017)
Transient Visions of the Moving Image (2017)