every dog has its day (EXCERPT)
HD video, single channel, color, sound, 2 minute 23 second excerpt of 6 minutes 39 seconds, 2019
Screener available upon request.

Drawing from the fraught archive of consumer-produced media from the mid-80s to present, ‘every dog has its day’ explores the porous relationship between technology, the self, religion, and violence.


Selected Screenings and Exhibitions:
True/False Film Festival (2019)
International Studio & Curatorial Program, “Ungrounded” (2019)
Open City Documentary Festival (2019)
San Diego Underground Film Festival (2019)
Maryland Film Festival (2019)
Transient Visions Festival of the Moving Image (2019)
Oak Cliff Film Festival (2019)
BRIC, “Media Arts Fellowship Screening” (2018)

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