you can't plan a perfect day
sometimes it just happens  - 
HD video, color, sound
4 minute 12 second excerpt of 8 minutes 24 seconds, 2017

Video: Alison Nguyen
Score: Roarke Menzies

A banal epic comprised of appropriated footage of lens flare from contemporary American advertisements. Sequences of people in seemingly endless outdoor leisure environments are illuminated and obscured by the glow of lens flare. Draining the symbol of its meaning by using it over and over again, the piece at once critiques and eerily meditates on visual codes for authenticity and spirituality used in white-dominated mass media.



Selected Screenings and Exhibitions:
Crossroads presented by SF Cinemateque/SF MoMA (2018)
Centre des arts actuels Skol, "Collapse, Then What?" (2018)
SF Cinemateque/Canyon Cinema at San Francisco Art Book Fair/Minnesota Street Projects (2018)
Unseen Film Festival (2018)
Latinoamericano Cine Del Nuevo International Festival (2018)
Zumzeig Cine, "Burn" (2018)
Outpost Artist Resources, "Distributed Presence" (2017)
Microscope Gallery, "Alison Nguyen / Monica Saviron" (2017)
Transient Visions (2017)

This project is made possible in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts’ Electronic Media and Film Finishing Funds grant program, administered by The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes.